Ray Family

When Angela asked can I bring my dogs I was so excited. She has two large dogs they tower over her little daughter but, they are just big sweet teddy bears. I was so happy that I was able to capture photos that really are personal to them. We did a great set and she was very happy with the results. I am overjoyed that I got to work with them. The larger black dog Bella Bear even gave me a kiss. It isn’t everyday you get a kiss from a client!


Cherian Family

This beautiful Family cherianswith three daughters were such a delight. We shot them as the sun was setting Saturday evening. I had actually photographed the middle daughter for her elementary graduation and it was great to meet the whole family.

After the shoot we ended up just chatting for an hour. The girls were fun and so funny. I had a blast and I hope they did as well.

Sahoo Twins!

I am delighted and happy to announce my friend Rachel has two happy healthy baby boys! Big sister is over the moon and you can tell by the pictures. Grandma was pretty proud as well. I can’t decide which is my favorite as they are both beautiful little dolls. Thank you for letting me come and see them at the hospital.


Cameron Turns 3!



 Cameron Brought Monkey!

This big boy is about to turn 3! We are honored that he chose us to help capture his birthday portraits. Sometimes the smallest thing means the most. For Cameron bringing his best friend a stuffed, much loved monkey did the trick. I love the wooden sign his mom provided. It was perfectly Boy without being over done. He was fun, cool, and casual just what a three year old should be. Happy Birthday Cameron make a wish.

The Pupa Family


The Pupa Family

We did a 30 minutes session this morning. It was a bit humid but, you could never tell by how cool this family looks. Their toddler son had fun bouncing around, and was all smiles. His older brother was more than happy to pose and smile. How can you lose with such agreeable boys. Even mom and dad let me direct their shoot, and all the while keeping great smiles. They didn’t wear out too fast, and I found out that the wee one’s favorite ice cream is Vanilla. This family is anything but, Vanilla and I had a nice time shooting them.

The Daigle Family

daigleThe Daigle Family their son Sawyer is in my daughter Annabelle’s Preschool class. We discovered that when we were about to start snapping away. Sawyer is about to turn 4 and he is all boy. I think if I had to vote for who was going to be Class Clown in High School I would pick Sawyer. His older sister Isabella is so pretty and I just loved her hair flower. A girl after my own heart. The family is from Massachusetts and just moved to the triangle for better weather. We actually had pretty good weather this morning despite a cloudy and windy afternoon. I like how the boys were rocking pink. I can’t wait until they get see their proofs. Of course mom said “we aren’t photogenic” yeah right! I think I proved them wrong. After the session I had to give them some homework-Eat at Anna’s Pizza in Downtown Apex! Since they just moved what other “musts” would you suggest?

Vickery Family


Vickery Family

Today was a great milestone their middle son starts fall ball. They squeezed in an early morning shoot. Everyone had a beautiful pop of fun color! I love when families show up happy, and in awesome colors. Their middle child in the middle of the picture (see above) was a natural. He was the first boy I have had the pleasure of actually seeing his teeth in quite a while. Boys can be my easiest clients or the toughest he was the sweetest! I even let him pick out a pose that was the best of his solo session. The preschool son just melted my heart. I love the formal portraits we achieved.

Holcombe Family




Holcombe Family

When I saw these 4 kids sprinting out of their minivan over to me I was like SWEET!! Mom and Dad have perma-smiles that can only come from taking a family photo with small children each year. Now that the kids are older they love being in front of the camera and the camera loves them too. First question was where did you find those dresses (Ebay? Really!) they had the girls initials on them and were a great match to the dapper boys in their khaki and blue. Everyone looked great and matched but, it wasn’t over done. I am taking notes for my next family photo! I shot so many great photo’s of the kids and the whole family in 15 minutes. The second half of their session was done with my assistant (ahem husband) Kevin. Kevin got the best shots of the day with them but, this isn’t it. When it makes it’s appearance in my fall ad you will know who took it. I just know Christy will be thrilled with her session and final products. If not I guess we will have to schedule a re-shoot darn (They will love them!).