The Pullium Family

The Pullium family came on a North Carolina Holiday. Denim Days! And they were oh so cute in their Denim. The twins I believe were about to turn one and big brother is still getting use to sharing mom and dad. On top of having 3 under 3 to work with the day had gotten really quite chilly! YIKES. The kids pulled through and I got some fun baby love from the girls.


The Rose Family

I have a fondness for little red headed girls. I am not sure if it because they have fiery personalities or the fact they are just so cute!! Big Sister is a star in her own right! The Rose daughters were both lovely and pretty as a picture. I loved the outfits, and they even brought their new puppy Baily. Such a fun shoot.


Overman Family

I could tell you how beautiful their daughters are and they are but, the best photo’s show how in love Mom and Dad are. It is rare that I capture playful banter of couples with more than one child. Getting kids to a photo shoot dressed perfectly is a huge ordeal! These two act like newlyweds and I found the pictures of them to be refreshing! overman1

OK and I added a cute family shot cause their girls are so cute!


Day Family

The Day Family came out for a mini session and we had fun! Their two sons go by William AKA Way and Greyson AKA Yon. With nicknames like that I knew we were in for a fun time. I had previously photographed their dad for a corporate client. This was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful wife and sons. As a family they are cute, but I am guessing mom has her hands full as her three guys are super Boys! They are rough and tumble, fun and free. They had fun making each other laugh and I let them get their sillies out and still got some great family photos.